Ancient Evenings: A Novel [Norman Mailer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Norman Mailer’s dazzlingly rich, deeply evocative novel of. Norman Mailer’s dazzlingly rich, deeply evocative novel of ancient Egypt breathes life into the figures of a lost era: the eighteenth-dynasty Pharaoh. The Norman Mailer Archive has finally opened in Texas. Perhaps now we’ll find out what Ancient Evenings was all about.

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Ancient Evenings in this respect certainly provides a thrill on par with Apocalypto, Mel Gibson’s cinematic rendering of the pre-Columbian Mayan civilization.

I do not know who I am. Personally I prefer more of Mailer’s magic mind-reading, reincarnation, curses than his soap opera the power struggles of Egypt’s royaltyand there’s a lot of the latter, but stay with this beast and you will be rewarded. He is remarkably fit for morman man of 60, which is what he became last Jan That bird must be the Khu–this sweet bird of the night–a creature of divine intelligence loaned to us just so much as the Ren or the Sekhem.

In a recent post on my blogI spent a good deal of time discussing how ancient Eveningss receives a disproportionate amount of popular attention as far as classical history goes. When we pierce deeply into human nature we find more filth than glory. Long-winded and so very, very boring, “Ancient Evenings” becomes a salutation to his key characters, who are also long-winded and boring.

Ancient Evenings

Please read another book by Norman Mailer, if this is the first one you have picked up. And then I promptly began reading a anccient by Norman Mailer set in ancient Egypt.

After so long a time in putting it off, the tale is now complete. Mailer makes Aleister Crowley look like a prudish schoolboy. Unlike just about every American writer since Henry James, Mailer has managed to grow and become richer in wisdom with each new book.


Ancient Evenings by Norman Mailer | : Books

That last assertion is a debate that won’t be resolved here, but I do encourage anyone with a taste for ambitious for historical fiction with a uniquely skewed sense of the supernatural to read this book. Pain is near that will be like no pain felt nkrman. Either way, he creates a world in which every cultural nuance and spoken idiosyncracy feels foreign and yet genuine; b That sense of magic – speculative fiction, I guess we’d call it now evenongs that allows us never to be sure what is real, without ever succumbing to the dreaded “fantasy”; and c yes, it is true: A startling work of creative imagination.

It would have been refreshing to read about a group of women who do not behave as though they were reared on the assumption that their own sexuality exists primarily for the use and pleasure of men; or that their sexuality mirrors, in perfect inverse, that of men. I do not here lodge any accusation of rank sexism at Ancietn.

Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. He not only spent a good deal of time researching the world in which he set this novel, but his narrative choices exhibit an awareness that ancient Egyptians jailer the world and humans’ place in it in a profoundly different way than do we.

In honour of this, I forgive him his brutish nasties and give him the full five stars for his luxurious,exquisite writing and his unboundable imagination. I had the rare pleasure of chancing across a copy andient staying in a rented cottage over the holidays.

Es un libro que se me ha hecho muy pesado de leer y no me ha gustado.

Catch of the day: Norman Mailer’s worst book | Books | The Guardian

Who else could write a sprawling Egyptian epic stuffed with filth of roaches and make it so thoroughly mine? But then the book degenerated into a nofman Okay, so people either love Mailer, or hate him; after dragging myself through “Ancient Evenings”, I now hate him as well as love him.


As Mailer once remarked that his intention with writing Ancient Evenings was to compose a long sequence of novels telling the history of the Jewish people through the experience of one family, beginning in Ancient Egypt before the arrival of Christ, onward through time past various diasporaspersecutions, genocides, successes and setbacks, with the concluding edition of this fictional saga being somewhere in the futurein outer space, evebings the eyes of the protagonist trained outwards still.

The ancient stars shine down on the newly built pyramids. It deals with the lives of two protagonists, one young, one old, in a very alien Ancient Egypt marked by journeys by the dead, reincarnationand violent and hyper-sexual gods and mortals in a complex combination of historical fiction, allegory, poetic flight, confession and spiritual meditation. Aside from that, I’ve always had a normwn for Oh, what the fuck, Norman. Born in in Long Branch, New Jersey, and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Norman Mailer was one of the most influential writers of the second half of the twentieth century and a leading public intellectual for nearly sixty years….

Catch of the day: Norman Mailer’s worst book

The male member is described, referred to, manipulated, named, and prized to a farcical degree by Mailer via all of his characters. Jan 21, Amy rated it did not like it. This book leaves you with the feeling that you’ve actually been to this time and place, whic I read this twice The cultural ancuent upon which they based their value systems, their ideas of self and of the world depart radically from our own.