Katalog Druckfedern. Artikelnummer. A u ß e n d u rc h m e s s e r (m m.) D ra h td u rc h m e s s e r (m m.) F re ie. L ä n g e. (m m.) F e d e rra. Sehen Sie den gesamten Katalog normierte Federn Katalog der Firma KERN- LIEBERS TMG auf DirectIndustry. Seite: 1/ Right now, you are in our. PERFORMANCE SUSPENSION division. Here you can experience everything about EIBACH. Performance Springs · Performance.

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Seitensegment lateral segment Technik technique Inhalt contents. Werkstoff Expoxid Polyamid Polycarbonat 4.

Artikelsuche Federnkatalog – Gutekunst Federn – Immer die passende Feder – Doppelschenkelfedern

Distalizing spring, stops auto matic ally occur when cut. Your storage costs and chair side time will be reduced when using our new Big Foot pad. Rolf Faltin et al. Comfort Line 3D buccal tubes are also available with an anatomical indent for precision placement. The smart design of the 3D-base provides optimal bonding strength whilst maintaining safe dguckfedern comfortable debonding. Patent US 6, and others 8. This allows extremely easy insertion and the archwire only becomes active in the patient’s mouth.

Our heritage in invention and problem solving remains strong.

The snap function prevents unwanted reversing. Your band assortment is going to be reduced! A randomized, controlled trial, Angle Orthodontist.


Das spezielle Pauls-Tool macht es einfach. The resulting improvement in transmission of force means fast treatment results. Besonders in kli- nischen Situationen mit starker vertikaler Bogenauslenkung, wie z. Die Aktivierung erfolgt durch okklusales Halten und Einligieren in die vier Frontzahnbrackets mit Ligaturdraht.

Wie wir seit Jahren. Beschreibung description Order No. We strive to create the best in the products we build, just as our customers strive to create perfect treatment results.

Interdiction de reproduire ce catalogue — ou des extraits — sans notre autorisa tion expresse. The first treatment phase can be achieved remarkably fast. Any mix or single paste adhesive is suitable for bonding.

This enlargement of the slot provides greater clearance for the archwire, which in turn greatly reduces the friction of the archwire in the slot. Spindle designed to eliminate screw turning back. You achieve true perfection once you are well-versed in your craft. They also provide maximum intraoral comfort for the patient, as the white coating covers superelastic NiTi archwires.

Seite page 3. NBT3 rectangular wires can be used next to express torque and angulation very early in treatment. The most attractive advantages at a glance: Special lengths are supplied – minimum order quantity 5 kg per size. The Twin Block appliance by Dr. Cement remover and prosthesis cleaner. Ihre Lagerhaltungskosten und Stuhlzeiten werden sich reduzie- ren.


The original correct midline Fig. Seite page V V V V V V V V X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X 1.

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The safety stops prevent injuries. The bracket is available for the upper and lower Through the special self ligating wings the archwire can be easily inserted from the occlusal.

More than years, our customers count on us to deliver those products! Anfangs- und Endposition, bereit zur oatalog Aktivierung Blattfeder in Ruheposition. Diastema screw Double guided torsion stable micro screw for the closure of diastematas and space closure in the lateral region. We believe that innovation is constant and we need to be always blazing new paths forward.

We recommend the use of a separate beaker drukcfedern the ultrasonic bath. Skelettierte Sektorenschrauben Skeletal sector screws Order No. Fan type expansion screw hinge and screw supplied as two separate components, allows for intercanine or buccal expansion.

Polyoxymethy- lene is a material giving high colour stabi- lity, low friction and high wear resistance. Four rounded contact ribs in the slot reduce binding and notching effects.