Gary Zukav’s timeless, humorous, New York Times bestselling masterpiece, The Dancing Wu Li Masters, is arguably the most widely acclaimed. The Dancing. Wu Li Masters. An Overview of the New Physics. Gary Zukav. A BANTAM NEW AGE BOOK. BANTAM BOOKS. NEW YORK • TORONTO • LONDON. The most exciting intellectual adventure I’ve been on since reading Robert Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.”—.

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But it is also here that, after canvassing the philosophical positions, Zukav goes into a discussion of Eastern mysticism and its supposed connections with quantum physics. For such a mystical sounding title, Zukav really doesn’t spend that much time discussing Eastern philosophy except to point out the obvious: The reader has to keep in mind that this is by no means a very up to date book and Einstein and his contemporaries star in the narrative more than CERN or Hadrons or Higgs.

I had read this book in the 80s when I was a high school student -it was compulsory reading- and returned to it 30 years later, after it was written 40 years ago, and it concerns mostly about science discussed around years ago. I kept reading hungrily, savouring every single word, if there were equations, my joy would have have known no bounds!

Rather, gqry is an ongoing effort to expand the capabilities of our symbol systems by finding ones that follow new and different rules, so that we can have more options when we are trying to pick a symbol system whose rules accurately reflect the structure of whatever we eu trying to understand. Zukav seems to clearly recognize all this earlier in the same chapter, and it’s not clear why he suddenly turns around and contradicts it here.


To ask other readers questions about Dancing Wu Li Mastersplease sign up. It is quite true that classical logic is not a good system of rules for symbol manipulation if you are trying to understand quantum behavior; but contrary to what Zukav appears to believe, mathematics masers not restricted to any one set of rules for manipulating symbols.

If you want clear explanations of quantum mechanics, relativity, and particle physics and Feynman diagrams with a dose of Eastern philosophy and some Buddhism look no further than this gxry book. But until then we just don’t know–we can only speculate.

If it is both places at once, then it is not a particle. A scientist is a person who seeks to know au true nature of physical reality. These are the people who become interested in the liberal arts.

These theories takes you to the limits of human intellect – be it warping space-time or now-here-now-there electrons or mattet that is wave or wave that is matter – and gives you an intellectual gratification when you even grasp of iota of it. Throwing around vague terms, or terms that can have several significantly different meanings, without defining them precisely may be a common practice dxncing certain types of philosophy, but it isn’t science.

Return to Book Page. It may be very well be true, that everyone lives in Aristotle’s metaphorical cave, seeing shadows of the essence of reality. Those people in whom this gift is especially pronounced, we call geniuses.

Not an easy read but masterz full of awesome new physics explanations.

The explanations were thorough and clear. The simple analogies and examples created that feeling of an epiphany, as in: The bulk of the book is really more a primer on quantum mechanics from a non-mathematical perspective. Those, I would suggest would be equally happy if they read the first two and the last chapters only.

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The Dancing Wu Li Masters

But oddly enough, I’d recommend that you read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance as a primer to this book. It was just that we, with our obsessive propensity to lk and divide had made the artificial boundaries. And since string theory is the “final” theory, it really should come last anyway. Also, Zukav seems to feel that repeating an idea or concept three times is the best way to convey it to the lay person. It may be that Bohm was using the term “information” in some other sense than the standard scientific one which is dealt with by information theory–but it certainly was not a scientific sense of the term, uw Zukav does not discuss what he thinks it means.

“The Dancing Wu Li Masters”

His clarity gets weaker as he starts to go into the weirder aspects of quantum mechanics though. In fact, it is really the same proposition as “we are a part of nature” I’ll discuss this further belowwhich Zukav lists as a “discovery” of the new physics even though it was perfectly obvious to the old physics as well.

Quotes from Dancing Wu Li Mas He is a graduate of Harvard and ki former U.

At times he’s so eager to jump to the scientific and philosophical ramifications of quantum mechanics that he sprints past the reader’s understanding. Also hard to get into with a needy two-year-old, but I know life will only get increasingly busy day by day. It is possible that he is trying to make a philosophical point: