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Odum was also honored by the journal Ecological Engineering [54] for his contributions to the field of ecological engineering and libeo in general in recognition of his 70th birthday.

Odum [was] a genius and an integrative genius seldom books petty constraints.

Howard T. Odum – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Indeed, at the time they were unable to identify them. Odum viewed humans as playing a central role: This is one of his most important contributions to the beginnings of the field of ecological engineering. Kangas and his student, David Blersch, made significant contributions to the design of the waste water recycling system on the station. EnHoward obtuvo su Ph. He was one of the first to discuss the use of ecosystems for life-support function in space travel.

Lotka ‘s articles on the energetics of evolution, and subsequently proposed the theory that natural systems tend to operate at an efficiency that produces the maximum power output, not the maximum efficiency.

Odum in ; she had four children from her previous marriage. Nixon [University of Rhode Island] are among a cadre of former students who have been recognized internationally for their contributions to ecological engineering, ecological economics, ecosystem science, wetland ecology, estuarine ecology, ecological modeling, and related fields.

In this way he was able to establish the stream’s energy budget”. Started from that overall model Odum “mapped in detail all the flow routes to and from the stream. Scienceman developed the ideas of emergyas a specific use of the term Embodied energy. In writing a history of the ecosystem concept, Golley noted that Odum tended to think in the form of analogies, and gave the example, “if the world is a heat engine, then Odum [was] a genius and an integrative genius seldom books petty constraints.


His general plan “was to characterize the chemostatic flow, to establish the qualitative and quantitative community structureto measure the production rates, and to study the mechanisms by which the community metabolism is self-regulated”. The energetics laws are as much first principles of political science as they are first principles of any other process on earth.

A more general statement is that “a system which has stability with time will exist longer than a system without stability”. Wiley-Interscience New York, N.

This does not necessarily contradict evolutionary changes in the earth’s history since these changes may be part of a larger steady state systems. Odum was published in honor of his work.

During this time Odum became aware of the interplay of ecological-energetic and economic forces. More than the sum of the parts, Yale University Ecplogia.

Work done at these institutions continues to evolve and propagate the Odum’s concept of emergy.

And as an ecologist interested in the behavior and function of large entities over time, Odum therefore sought to give a more general statement of natural selection so that it was equally applicable to large entities as it was to small entities traditionally studied in biology.

Howard learned his early scientific lessons about birds from his brother, about fish and the philosophy of biology while working after school for the marine zoologist Robert Coker, and about electrical circuits from ,ibro Boy Electrician by Alfred Powell Morgan.

After the war, he returned to the University of North Carolina and completed his B. In observing the way higher order trophic levels have a control function in ecosystems, H.


His dissertation was titled The Biogeochemistry of Strontium: Environment, Power, and Society. Odum described his role as follows: It is postulated that there is a natural selection of the possible systems that may form from a given starting condition, and that those systems that result are those which have mechanisms of maintaining stability. This approach represented the migration of cybernetic ideas into ecology and led to the formulation of systems ecology. Ecological Engineering is an emerging field of study between ecology and engineering concerned with the designing, monitoring and constructing of ecosystems.

It seems clear that for Odum the concept that a battery or more explicitly the solar electricity generator he sometimes used pushed electrons around a copper circuit in almost exactly the same way that the sun pushed energy or reduced carbon around the invisible circuits of an ecosystem.

One needs a diode to allow biomass to accumulate after the voltage of the sun has gone down.

Howard T. Odum

They libor exploring the implications of the laws of thermodynamics when used in these new oddum. Charles A S Hall has described Odum one of the most innovative and important thinkers of our time.

Odum, with an overview of H. From this view, biogeochemical cycles are driven by radiant energy. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Odum and Howard T. Odum’s career, 23 September Leibniz’s Characteristica Universalis,” Ecological Modelling Apparently the atoll was sufficiently radioactive that upon their arrival the Odums were able to produce an autoradiographic image of a coral head by placing it on photographic paper.

InHoward earned his Ph.